Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baking with Ryleigh- Banana Bread

The weather has turned cooler and we finally have the windows open....ahhh fresh air.... anyways....with all the windows open, there was an air current blowing one of Ryleigh's balloons around the room....right past Braeden in his bouncer... he reached out and grabbed the string....sooo cute... luckily I got a picture :)

Meanwhile...back in the kitchen...after nappy time, Ryleigh and I made banana bread... I have made this recipe many times, but this time I put the bananas in a ziplock bag so that Ryleigh could squish them all up. ( I got the idea from my friend Michelle who had her daughter Emily do this when they made it.)

Ryleigh didn't really like this too much and preferred to squish them with a fork, like we have previously done...I however, thought the bag idea was brilliant...and soooooo much easier to clean up!!!!

The finished project

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