Friday, October 30, 2009

Baking with Ryleigh- Apple Pie

While I am still nursing Braeden, I am limited in what I can eat....especially in the desert area....unless he outgrows the sensitivity....fingers thing I can have is apple pie- as long as the recipe for the crust and filling are modified :)

Ryleigh stirring the filling for the pie... no she is not actually reading the cookbook...:)
Helping to get the crust in the pan.... unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her helping to crimp the crust....mainly because I was doing it at the same time...
Braeden patiently waiting for us to finish.... snuggled up with his lovie...a.k.a. "burpie"
The finished product...marked with "R" for Ryleigh....Ryleigh later decided that she does not like pie and would prefer a to find a recipe that can be modified accordingly.....

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