Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tot School

We started our week with Musical Monday and ended it with trick or treating. In between we did the Letter of the Week ("C"), stART, baking and Art Class. For a couple of the days, we had some of Ryleigh's friends over for Tot School.

Ryleigh working on the Letter C- I had them paint with large circles (toilet paper rolls) and small circles (straws). Letter C turned into a Caterpillar... :)

Ryleigh working on her name cards. (We keep this one in heavy rotation)

Playing Duck Duck 1-2-3 with Emily. This is a great game that helps with counting. The girls really liked playing with the ducks...a little more than playing the actual game...

Because Ryleigh likes baking so much, I thought she might like to bake with a friend... the girls made pumpkin muffins. The activity helps practice pouring, spooning, scooping, etc.

Braeden waiting for the girls to finish with school....

The girls playing with Braeden while they wait for their muffins to finish baking...

Ryleigh at Art Class at my friend Michelle's house...they were making a fall tree....

Trick or Treating with some friends....

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Halloween 2009

This was Braeden's first Halloween and a very busy one!!! We spent the morning at my Grandparents' house taking pictures of the kids in their costumes and playing. This afternoon we went trick or treating...twice- once with playgroup and once around our neighborhood... :) So much candy and yet I cannot eat it....Both Ryleigh and Braeden were completely exhausted by the end of the day...a.k.a....early bedtimes :)

Ryleigh waiting sort of patiently to go to "Nanny's house" We did the tie-dye t-shirt last year at in playgroup.
Ryleigh dressed up as a Kitty with one of the pumpkins Grandad carved
An extreme closeup of Braeden...he is a pea in a peapod

Ryleigh holding her baby brother....she is already tired and the day has just begun :)

So you can get the full costume.....
Braeden, ready for a nap...oh so tired...
Ryleigh and Grandad rubbing noses
Braeden sleeping in Grandad's arms... the nap overtook him
Ryleigh trick or treating with her friends
Braeden has fallen asleep midway through the trick or treating....
The peapod is wilting...
I think he might have been snoring at this point...just kidding...sort of .... but not really....
Ryleigh with her friends at the end ... I think they were all pretty tired

Friday, October 30, 2009

Baking with Ryleigh- Apple Pie

While I am still nursing Braeden, I am limited in what I can eat....especially in the desert area....unless he outgrows the sensitivity....fingers thing I can have is apple pie- as long as the recipe for the crust and filling are modified :)

Ryleigh stirring the filling for the pie... no she is not actually reading the cookbook...:)
Helping to get the crust in the pan.... unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her helping to crimp the crust....mainly because I was doing it at the same time...
Braeden patiently waiting for us to finish.... snuggled up with his lovie...a.k.a. "burpie"
The finished product...marked with "R" for Ryleigh....Ryleigh later decided that she does not like pie and would prefer a to find a recipe that can be modified accordingly.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

stART - Five Little Pumpkins

A Story + Art = a great stART
This is a cute Halloween Pumpkin Poem. For this week's project we used pumpkin stickers and then added potato prints (in white) for the pumpkins' shadows.... (you kind of have to use your imagination...but that's ok)..... After the picture was dry, we glued a copy of the poem to the back...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Musical Mondays - Parachute

Every music class ends with parachute play. When I started the class and the kids were a little over a year old, I had a small parachute that we would have them shake, and then shake with balls bouncing on it. Now that the kids are older...and I have more children in the class... we have a bigger parachute that is even more fun :) We do circle songs (like ring a Round the Rosie- or "ring round rosie"); a parachute ride- where they all pile on and get a ride; and running or laying under the parachute while it goes up and down.

This is a picture of some of the girls in the class holding hands in a circle for the train song

Hanging around the House

Pretty much self explanatory......

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baking with Ryleigh - Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Last week while I was holding down the fort solo, I tried to keep as busy as possible...with low key activities. Ryleigh really enjoys baking and does a great job...a.k.a....this is not a stressful activity for me... Also, since I still cannot have Dairy due to Braeden's milk protein allergy...I was totally in the mood for some chocolate.... Anyway....while Braeden took a nap, Ryleigh and I spent some quality time in the kitchen :

Ryleigh stirring some Flour...

Pouring in some oil and water...

The finished cake...I let Ryleigh pick out which cake pan she wanted to put it in :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tot School

This was a busy week for us. We started the week with Music Class and our stART project. Ryleigh had two friends come over one day to "play projects" again. We also had a visit from my Grandmother during Tot School Hours on Thursday:) The end of the Week we had Art Class at my friend Michelle's house and at Dance, they had their Halloween party.

Ryleigh working on the Letter of the Week "B". I got the activity from No Time For Flash Cards. This week we made bumble bees.

Ryleigh working on matching letters up to her name. I got this activity from 1+1+1=1. I made name tags for all the girls with their pictures. As I collect more water tops, I am going to do animals, shapes, etc. All the girls were really good at this activity!

Working with some Playdough....always a favorite :)

My Grandmother brought over some cards, address labels and stickers. Ryleigh had a great time working with these....a great fine motor skill practice!!!!

Braeden spending some time with his Great Grandmother

Ryleigh doing an activity from 1+1+1=1, the heads- tails portion of the farm activity tot book.

Ryleigh at Art Class and Braeden with his friend watching their sisters at Class....

Ryleigh and Friends at the Dance Class Halloween Party....
we got to go in at the end to see them :)

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