Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Mondays- The Sandblock

This was the first week back to our "scheduled" life... starting with Music Class. I teach a music class- Mommy & Me style- once a week from our living room....This fall we are up to 10 toddlers (made up of 1 & 2 year olds) and 3 infants...soon to be 5 :)

I had the idea to start the music class over a year ago when I had enrolled in a similar class through Gymboree. I couldn't help but think that I could teach the class better (As I have an extensive Music background) and make it more entertaining...and economical....

The lesson plan is made up of songs, instruments, rhythm recognition, dancing and parachute time. The class lasts roughly 45 min followed by a play & snack time. I try and introduce new instruments to the class every 6-8 weeks (depending on what the budget allows).

This was the first class I have taught after Braeden was born. He pretty much slept in his swing the whole time...I introduced the Sandblock this week and the kids seemed to really like it and responded quickly to the instructions given.
Ryleigh with her friend Emily playing with the Sandblocks

Ryleigh during the playtime of class

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Braeden's First Field Trip- The Aquarium

Last Saturday after dance class, we packed up the kids and Aunt "Lissa" (Melissa) and headed for the aquarium. Ryleigh happens to love the Zoo and in fact continues to talk about our trip to the ecology center with her friend Emily. ("Went to Zoo with Emmy")... that trip was obviously epic.... anyways... Ryleigh had a great time looking at all the sea life and watching the sea lion show.

This was Braeden's first field trip and he did quite well. I had him in the rockin' baby sling that I borrowed from my friend so that I could walk around and nurse him when needed. The sling worked great, but he preferred the stroller for napping :)

It was a loooooong day, but a lot of fun. Hopefully we will go again soon....after I get some rest!

To remember the trip, Ryleigh got a Melissa and Doug Puzzle. She loves putting it together and talking about the different "fishes".

Baking with Ryleigh - Zucchini Bread

I recently had to remove all dairy and soy from my diet due to Braeden's possible sensitivity to my milk proteins. So as you can imagine, meal planning has become somewhat challenging....apparently soy appears in 90% of manufactured foods in some form or another....and I miss cheese...anyways Zucchini bread contains ingredients that I can actually eat...and Ryleigh likes to eat it in the form of mini muffins for breakfast...

While we were waiting for the bread to come out of the oven, Ryleigh and I played some games (Duck Duck 1-2-3 & Candy Land) to practice our counting and matching skills. Ryleigh won...

Ryleigh with Duck Duck 1-2-3... she really likes collecting the ducks!!!

The finished bread and muffins

Motor Skills: Fine and Auto

We were fortunate enough to receive a package in the mail the other day- that was delivered in a big cardboard box...a.k.a. Ryleigh's Car, Ryleigh's House, or just plain RYLEIGH'S!!!!!

Ryleigh showing the baby how to drive a car.... (he was in the swing watching her)

While I was prepping for one of our baking projects I had Ryleigh sort M&M's into different colors....She loved this project...but then, what girl doesn't love chocolate?

She did really well sorting each into a different cup of the cake tin....her favorite color she did was purple. I was surprised at how few she actually tasted. Since doing this activity, she has asked quite a few times to "sort [the] MM's"

Ryleigh sorting

Finished project
Weekend Review

Our weekends are even busier now that Ryleigh takes dance...and football has started.... Ryleigh likes to come home and show me what she learned in class. She has gotten really good with her tappy taps and up on tippy toes....also she has been practicing her PliƩs all over the house....sometimes a girl just has to dance!!!!!

Braeden's first game....I think he missed most of it

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pies and Dolls

One of Ryleigh's favorite foods is Pizza and one of her favorite activities since the baby was born is playing house with her baby. She continues to crack me up with her attention to detail over "house" situations.

Here Ryleigh is making her own pizza. She did a really good job...and felt free to taste test the ingredients as we went along....her favorite was olives.....not too many made it onto her pizza.

The finished product.

Notice the attention to detail that has gone into this....the burp cloth...the hand placement...

Braeden clue that his big sister is "patiently" waiting for him to get up so that her baby can use the glider.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On a Rainy Day

On a rainy day with nothing to do, the hours can seem to stretch forever...however, on a rainy day with fun activities the time seems to fly by until nap time...well not really, but it is much less painful...errr slow.

Braeden went in the swing for the first time and really liked it...he will happily spend a good 30 minutes at a stretch napping on and off. Otherwise he is content to watch his big sister with whatever activity she is doing, game she has created, or dance move that she may be perfecting.

One of Ryleigh's favorite activities is playing with her stickers

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baking with Ryleigh - Country Crust Bread Bread

What does one do with a toddler after nap in the afternoons to make the time go by until hubby comes home? I don't know what others do-- but we bake. Ryleigh really likes to help me in the kitchen and lately we have put that to good use all while practicing our counting, colors and coordination. Hmmmm, perhaps I should have titled this post alliteration in the kitchen...

On this particular day, we made Country Crust Bread- a recipe that I have used for over 15 years.....(now that makes me sound and feel old).... Anyways, Ryleigh had a great time and it came out really well. Her favorite part is usually the stirring because I create a plethora of sound effects to make it more fun. She has gotten to the point where she does not want help with a lot of it and wants to do it herself...or all self (if you were to ask her).

Other baking projects that we have done recently include: blueberry pie; chocolate cake; banana bread; chocolate chip cookies and blueberry buckle. Today's project for after nap is Corn go with our yummy pulled pork that has been cooking all day.

Ryleigh stirring some ingredients
Ryleigh telling me "Me do it all self!!!!"
Ryleigh really liked kneading the bread- just like Mommy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Beginning

Since I have done a stellar job so far at maintaining this blog, I am going to jump right in....seeing as I have had this site for 13 plus months and this is the first post....

So...I quit my job to raise Ryleigh- I wanted to be the one to teach her about her world. Well that and I really didn't like my job so much...or at all, anyways.

Ryleigh and I have lots of fun together going to different things like playgroup, gymboree, library groups, playdates and the music class that I teach...more on that later perhaps. This fall we are starting home school pre-schooling, which I hope to document a little bit on here....

Anyways, moving right would take too much time to catch up on a whole years worth of activities and goings on and I only have a short time before the next nursing.

Ryleigh got a little brother Braeden in August. Life has gotten quite hectic, but Im sure...or hopeful, that it will calm down at some point. Ryleigh loves her little brother and likes to kiss and hold him.