Wednesday, June 30, 2010

stART- Moon Dance

A story + art = a great stART!

This week for our stART project we read Moon Dance- which is a bright and colorful story about the dolphins coming out at the end of the day to play. The book reminded me of the ocean (since it took place in it....) and the ocean reminds me of sand (because there is so much of it) we did Sand Art...seriously...not a huge stretch this some of my other projects...

For Ryleigh's Birthday, she received a Sand Art kit...including different colors of sand, bottles, a funnel and a "tool"...which is a wooden dowel... Ryleigh spent a good hour doing this project (not because it takes so long-but because she was so into it)...

Ryleigh beginning to pour sand...after deciding which color to start with...
Placing the dowel back on the tray after poking at the sand...
She really liked the pink...
The start of the second bottle...she even missed some of Sesame Street for this...
The finished projects...
she loved doing them so much that I am glad that the kit came with two more bottles!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The one in which a "new elmo" is acquired...

I know many of you many have noticed that Ryleigh LOVES Elmo... perhaps the random shots of him during activities may have given you a clue.... anyway...Jen S. sent me a link on how to make an Elmo hat... and I promptly asked Jenn over at if she could make it for me...the end result...a VERY HAPPY Ryleigh...

Ryleigh will pretty much not take this hat off...
Ryleigh...after I told her to "freeze" so I could take her picture...
she is really good at "freezing"...
Dressed for bed...and of course the hat is part of the Elmo outfit...and the ballet slippers? Well how is a girl going to dance without her shoes? Seriously people....
More Elmo...
Ryleigh likes to bring her Baby Elmo into Braeden's room for storytime before bed...
So Happy....
One can never have too much Elmo...

2010-2011 "School" Curriculum

I have spent a lot of time researching and planning a pre-school curriculum for Ryleigh...who will be almost 3 1/2 when our "school year" is going to begin in August... that being said...what I have come up with is tailored to her skill and interest set...

In between now and August I will be "prepping" lessons, making printables/games/activities, hopefully working on our new classroom....and of course...enjoying the nice weather... maybe catching up on sleep

To plan most of our lessons, I used a collection of different books that I have acquired on each subject. In addition I will be using material from Confessions of a Homeschooler as well as other blog's printables. (which will be linked at time of usage). I will also be using printables that I have made (or will make)...all of which will be available under printables on the blog.... This includes Music Theory for Preschoolers....I have a few Piano Students that are of the pre-school age...and I was unable to find a lesson book that was really tailored to in essence I am making my this point, they are not piano specific....
  • Circle Time
    • Calendar
      • Days of the Week
      • Months of the Year
      • Holidays
      • Counting
    • Number, Letter, Shape, Color, Bible Verse of the Week
    • 1-100 Days of School Countdown
    • Weather
    • Songs
  • Bible
    • Old Testament
    • Unit Projects
    • DVD's Veggie Tales
  • Pre-writing/writing
    • Kumon Book of Tracing
    • Writing Capital Letters
    • Writing her Name
    • Writing Numbers 1-10
  • Reading Skills
    • Leap Frog DVD's
      • The Letter Factory
      • The Talking Word Factory
      • The Talking Word Factory 2
    • Recognizing Capital Letters and their sounds (Review)
    • Recognizing Lowercase Letters and their sounds
      • Letter of the Week Craft
    • Find the Letter Printables --Upper and Lower case(Mine)
    • Beginning sight words
    • Letter Blends
    • Correlation between sounds and object: A is for apple...
    • Rhyming words
  • Math
    • Leap Frog DVD's
      • Math Circus
      • Math Adventure to the Moon
    • Number Printables (Mine)
    • Pattern Printables (Mine)
    • Number Recognition and counting 1 -100
    • Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100
    • Sequencing (Review)
    • Patterns {Review}
    • Matching {Review}
    • Puzzles
    • Recognizing shapes {Review}
    • Value of coins and dollar bill
    • Telling time to the nearest half hour
    • Addition facts through 10
    • Opposites
    • Sets & Logic - Which one is different/ does not belong
  • Science
    • Baking (although I suppose this could also go under Math)
    • Units
      • Farm Animals
      • Plants and Flowers
      • Ocean/ Sea life
      • Jungle Animals
      • Weather
      • Seasons
      • Fruits/Vegetables
      • The Five Senses
      • Hard vs. Soft
      • Heavy vs. Lite
      • Float vs. Sink
    • Projects and field trips
  • Geography
    • Compass
      • North, South, East and West
    • New York- In depth
    • 50 States (Names, General Regions)
    • Post Card Exchange to track on classroom map
    • Projects and field trips
  • Intro to Spanish
    • 1-20 Numbers
    • Colors
    • Days of the Week, Months of the Year
    • Household and classroom objects (glue, table, phone, stove, etc.)
    • Simple Phrases
  • Music
    • Musical Mondays (here)
    • Piano Lessons (here)
      • Worksheet printables that I made for preschool level music theory
    • Singing, learning about other instruments, rhythm, dancing
  • Art
    • Colors (Review)
    • Mixing Colors/ Color Wheel (Review)
    • Shades of Colors
    • Art Group with Michelle (A Mommy's Adventures)
    • stART projects
    • crafts
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Practice Cutting
    • Learning to Tie (Ryleigh is very interested right now)
    • Fine Motor Activities
      • Clothespins, Transfers, stickers, etc.
  • Gross Motor Skills
    • Dance Class
    • Catch & Throw
    • Kicking a Ball
    • Stopping a Soccer Ball with foot
    • Passing a Soccer Ball with feet
    • Pedaling a Bike
    • Alternating Steps when going up and down stairs
  • Listening Skills/ Following Directions

***As of now, the plan is to do a total of about 3 hours a week of actual sit down learning...the rest will be done through play, field trips and games***

Tot School for Braeden:

Braeden will have just turned 1 at the start of our obviously time to get it in gear...:)

Circle Time, Art, Music, Puzzles, Some fine motor skills that will be masqueraded as play, Blocks, Lots of being read to, Playing with Ryleigh, Playing with Mommy and Daddy, Playing Solo, Playgroup, perhaps some messy crafts if he is in the mood, learning to walk, learning some words, lots of playing... probably some forms of cute mischief....and hopefully some napping... (it's going to be a busy year!)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The one in which Aunt Laura comes to Visit....

This week my sister came to much fun when Aunt Laura comes to visit... we spent lots of time outside in the beautiful you can imagine...I have about a katrillion pictures....I have narrowed it down to my top ones...well...maybe not "narrowed" but I have selected a bunch that I like the best....

We had a playgroup playdate at my friend's Emily is actually taking Ryleigh's hand to try and get her into the pool...Ryleigh is resistant....hmmm...perhaps we are going to have another sprinkler incident on our hands?...Nope...Ryleigh LOVES the pool...and would spend all day in it if she could...
Braeden's first time in a pool...also LOVING it....Quality time drawing pictures....
Aunt Laura with Ryleigh
Braeden and Mommy... watching Ryleigh in our pool
Granny and Aunt Laura...
(Great)Granny and (Great)Grandad
Grandad playing with both kids in the pool...
Ryleigh keeping Braeden entertained by doing water tricks...
I just like this picture...
Playing Peek-a-Boo....
Trying to Bite the Ball...I also just really liked this picture...
Happy Baby...

Playing Doll house of Braeden's new favorite activities...and surprisingly...Ryleigh loves it when Braeden plays...and often invites him in to do so...
Watching sister go down the slide...
Having completely reached his limit with the picture taking....

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ryleigh's First Dance Recital 2010

Last weekend Ryleigh had her very first Dance recital...and did great!!! She was in two numbers (a ballet and a tap) and afterward has kept asking to go back on stage...(a star is born?....) We were not allowed to take pictures of the actual show, so the pictures on stage are from the rehearsal...and then there are some pictures from backstage on recital day...

Waiting to go up and practice her number....
she is so little that the chair has folded her....
Up on stage practicing the tap number... (It's my party)

All dressed for the Ballet number...Blotting Lipstick...

With her friend Teagan...
Grabbing a quick snack before the finale....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The one in which there is a love/ hate relationship with the sprinkler....

Look...there is a sprinkler...perhaps it can be fun?
Hmmmm...there seems to be WATER coming out of the sprinkler....interesting...
YAY!!! This is going to be really fun!!!!! I am going to run through the sprinkler...
I got a little wet...not so bad...I am going to run to my (play) house now...
Whew!! I made it... I will watch the sprinkler from this side... looks like the water is coming this way....?....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Now I am upset!!! UPSET!!!! The WATER got me....!!!!....why would it do that?
Quick escape down the slide...
Why are you taking pictures of me instead of rescuing me?
Or at least handing me a towel?....