Saturday, March 13, 2010

Musical Mondays - Egg Shakers & Rhythm Stick

Every Monday I teach a Music class for Mommy & my house...for more information on the class itself go HERE

This week I had the class use Ridged Rhythm Sticks. Here is Ryleigh playing and singing. Sometimes I have them sing/chant while playing the sticks..."Who's that tapping at my window....Who's that knocking at my door....It's Mommy tapping at my window...It's Daddy knocking at my door." And hitting the sticks together at certain points in the chant to emphasize certain syllables... Like Who's that....It's Mommy...,etc.
One of the many other instruments we used this week were the egg shakers. I really like these because they are so versatile and even the youngest kids can use them. I think the kids like them because they make a fun sound and are easy to play.

The girls dancing and shaking the eggs to "What I like about U"....
Two of the babies playing with the eggs...

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