Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010-2011 "School" Curriculum

I have spent a lot of time researching and planning a pre-school curriculum for Ryleigh...who will be almost 3 1/2 when our "school year" is going to begin in August... that being said...what I have come up with is tailored to her skill and interest set...

In between now and August I will be "prepping" lessons, making printables/games/activities, hopefully working on our new classroom....and of course...enjoying the nice weather... maybe catching up on sleep

To plan most of our lessons, I used a collection of different books that I have acquired on each subject. In addition I will be using material from Confessions of a Homeschooler as well as other blog's printables. (which will be linked at time of usage). I will also be using printables that I have made (or will make)...all of which will be available under printables on the blog.... This includes Music Theory for Preschoolers....I have a few Piano Students that are of the pre-school age...and I was unable to find a lesson book that was really tailored to them...so in essence I am making my own...at this point, they are not piano specific....
  • Circle Time
    • Calendar
      • Days of the Week
      • Months of the Year
      • Holidays
      • Counting
    • Number, Letter, Shape, Color, Bible Verse of the Week
    • 1-100 Days of School Countdown
    • Weather
    • Songs
  • Bible
    • Old Testament
    • Unit Projects
    • DVD's Veggie Tales
  • Pre-writing/writing
    • Kumon Book of Tracing
    • Writing Capital Letters
    • Writing her Name
    • Writing Numbers 1-10
  • Reading Skills
    • Leap Frog DVD's
      • The Letter Factory
      • The Talking Word Factory
      • The Talking Word Factory 2
    • Recognizing Capital Letters and their sounds (Review)
    • Recognizing Lowercase Letters and their sounds
      • Letter of the Week Craft
    • Find the Letter Printables --Upper and Lower case(Mine)
    • Beginning sight words
    • Letter Blends
    • Correlation between sounds and object: A is for apple...
    • Rhyming words
  • Math
    • Leap Frog DVD's
      • Math Circus
      • Math Adventure to the Moon
    • Number Printables (Mine)
    • Pattern Printables (Mine)
    • Number Recognition and counting 1 -100
    • Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100
    • Sequencing (Review)
    • Patterns {Review}
    • Matching {Review}
    • Puzzles
    • Recognizing shapes {Review}
    • Value of coins and dollar bill
    • Telling time to the nearest half hour
    • Addition facts through 10
    • Opposites
    • Sets & Logic - Which one is different/ does not belong
  • Science
    • Baking (although I suppose this could also go under Math)
    • Units
      • Farm Animals
      • Plants and Flowers
      • Ocean/ Sea life
      • Jungle Animals
      • Weather
      • Seasons
      • Fruits/Vegetables
      • The Five Senses
      • Hard vs. Soft
      • Heavy vs. Lite
      • Float vs. Sink
    • Projects and field trips
  • Geography
    • Compass
      • North, South, East and West
    • New York- In depth
    • 50 States (Names, General Regions)
    • Post Card Exchange to track on classroom map
    • Projects and field trips
  • Intro to Spanish
    • 1-20 Numbers
    • Colors
    • Days of the Week, Months of the Year
    • Household and classroom objects (glue, table, phone, stove, etc.)
    • Simple Phrases
  • Music
    • Musical Mondays (here)
    • Piano Lessons (here)
      • Worksheet printables that I made for preschool level music theory
    • Singing, learning about other instruments, rhythm, dancing
  • Art
    • Colors (Review)
    • Mixing Colors/ Color Wheel (Review)
    • Shades of Colors
    • Art Group with Michelle (A Mommy's Adventures)
    • stART projects
    • crafts
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Practice Cutting
    • Learning to Tie (Ryleigh is very interested right now)
    • Fine Motor Activities
      • Clothespins, Transfers, stickers, etc.
  • Gross Motor Skills
    • Dance Class
    • Catch & Throw
    • Kicking a Ball
    • Stopping a Soccer Ball with foot
    • Passing a Soccer Ball with feet
    • Pedaling a Bike
    • Alternating Steps when going up and down stairs
  • Listening Skills/ Following Directions

***As of now, the plan is to do a total of about 3 hours a week of actual sit down learning...the rest will be done through play, field trips and games***

Tot School for Braeden:

Braeden will have just turned 1 at the start of our year...so obviously time to get it in gear...:)

Circle Time, Art, Music, Puzzles, Some fine motor skills that will be masqueraded as play, Blocks, Lots of being read to, Playing with Ryleigh, Playing with Mommy and Daddy, Playing Solo, Playgroup, perhaps some messy crafts if he is in the mood, learning to walk, learning some words, lots of playing... probably some forms of cute mischief....and hopefully some napping... (it's going to be a busy year!)

Go check out what others are doing for preschool at Homeschool Creations !

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Pathfinder Mom said...

It looks like you'll have a great year. The MathStart living math books might be a good fit for a lot of your math lessons. We really like them.

Mari-Ann said...

Oh my gosh this looks like an amazing curriculum - I am bookmarking this as a reference! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it out and share it!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

Sounds like a great year! We have a lot of similar plans/themes. I'm looking forward to seeing your music materials.

Crunchy and Green said...

This looks incredible. I am sadly behind on prepping for my daughter, you have reminded me that I need to get started. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

whew what a list! Loved reading through your plans for next year! I need to sit down and work on mine.. thanks for posting this I will certainly be referencing it :-)

~the nine of us~ said...

Great job!! I will also definitely be looking at this as a reference. Have been homeschooling for sometime but now find myself with a 1st grader and 3 more after her. Two oldest already graduated and are in college with another one in junior high. It is easy to get intimidated with so many starting over. Suppose they aren't starting over, I am :o)

Thanks for taking the time to break it down, I will be using it tomorrow as I get our books and supplies out to put our planning on paper!

MamaGames said...

Ooh, I'd love to see what music theory things you have put together for the preschool level. My daughter is much more musical than my son and I'd love to work with her a little - but like you said, there really aren't good resources out there that are easy to find.

Terra said...

I don't know exactly when you'll be doing the sink or float activities, but I did one with pumpkins in large storage containers and my students loved it. I used all different sizes and then when we were finished we carved them and harvested the seeds to roast. It was a great "fall" activity.

kewkew said...

What a great year you have planned! I am still not sure what all we will be doing, but like Mari-Ann I believe I will be using this for a reference.
I didn't realize there were other Leap Frog DVD's. We have Letter Factory and have watched Talking Words Factory and Math Circus. I didn't realize there was a second Talking Words factory or another math one. Will have to keep my eyes open for them. Tabitha loves them. She is constantly going around singing songs from them.

Robyn said...

Our children are of very similar ages - I've only just started Tot School (with both boys, the older one will be transitioning to preschool later this year) but I'll be checking back to see what you're all up to!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

WOW~! You just made me tired!!! Great year you have planned, I need to get going too!

3 for Me! said...

whoa what a list for a 3 yr old! I have a 3.5 yr old as well that wanted to "School" last year. I'll be going through your list to see if there are areas we have missed...

mine though has older siblings and really, really learns a lot from them!

3 for Me! said...

whoa what a list for a 3 yr old! I have a 3.5 yr old as well that wanted to "School" last year. I'll be going through your list to see if there are areas we have missed...

mine though has older siblings and really, really learns a lot from them!

Jacquelin said...

Everything looks great! I have an almost 4 yr old and we will be using the Letter of the Week Curriculum too along with a few others. If you are interested I am hoping to get the sign up for postcard exchange post up this weekend.

Kara said...

Sounds like a great year! You've got a ton of great resources listed here.

Chic Mama said...

Very thorough! Nice work! We will be doing some of Letter of the week as extras to our core curriculum too!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

You are SO organized! Thank you for linking up to my Homeschool Blog Hop! Please feel free to link up this great curriculum post Monday on my show me your curriculum link up! Enjoy your week!
Nicole :)