Monday, September 14, 2009

Pies and Dolls

One of Ryleigh's favorite foods is Pizza and one of her favorite activities since the baby was born is playing house with her baby. She continues to crack me up with her attention to detail over "house" situations.

Here Ryleigh is making her own pizza. She did a really good job...and felt free to taste test the ingredients as we went along....her favorite was olives.....not too many made it onto her pizza.

The finished product.

Notice the attention to detail that has gone into this....the burp cloth...the hand placement...

Braeden clue that his big sister is "patiently" waiting for him to get up so that her baby can use the glider.

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Michelle said...

That looks really did you manage to not eat it!!! Emily loves using Juliettes contraptions for her babies too. It is so funny sometimes I see Big Abby in the swing and think that it it Juliette ahhhh.