Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Braeden's First Field Trip- The Aquarium

Last Saturday after dance class, we packed up the kids and Aunt "Lissa" (Melissa) and headed for Brooklyn....to the aquarium. Ryleigh happens to love the Zoo and in fact continues to talk about our trip to the ecology center with her friend Emily. ("Went to Zoo with Emmy")... that trip was obviously epic.... anyways... Ryleigh had a great time looking at all the sea life and watching the sea lion show.

This was Braeden's first field trip and he did quite well. I had him in the rockin' baby sling that I borrowed from my friend so that I could walk around and nurse him when needed. The sling worked great, but he preferred the stroller for napping :)

It was a loooooong day, but a lot of fun. Hopefully we will go again soon....after I get some rest!

To remember the trip, Ryleigh got a Melissa and Doug Puzzle. She loves putting it together and talking about the different "fishes".

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Michelle said...

What a great family picture!!! It looks like an awesome trip...I can't wait for us to all go together :0)