Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Motor Skills: Fine and Auto

We were fortunate enough to receive a package in the mail the other day- that was delivered in a big cardboard box...a.k.a. Ryleigh's Car, Ryleigh's House, or just plain RYLEIGH'S!!!!!

Ryleigh showing the baby how to drive a car.... (he was in the swing watching her)

While I was prepping for one of our baking projects I had Ryleigh sort M&M's into different colors....She loved this project...but then, what girl doesn't love chocolate?

She did really well sorting each into a different cup of the cake tin....her favorite color she did was purple. I was surprised at how few she actually tasted. Since doing this activity, she has asked quite a few times to "sort [the] MM's"

Ryleigh sorting

Finished project

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Michelle said...

I need your cute muffin tin...that would be perfect for Muffin Tin Monday ;0)