Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All About Reading Level 1

I cannot stress to you enough how excited I was to review this awesome program. Seriously....and... I am happy to report that the hype that surrounds All About Reading is completely TRUE!!!

The All About Reading program uses all five of the key components of reading:
Phonological Awareness; Phonics and Decoding; Fluency; Vocabulary; Comprehension

The Level 1 Kit includes:
1. Teacher’s Manual
2. Student Packet (includes Activity Book)
3. Run, Bug, Run! reader
4. The Runt Pig reader
5. Cobweb the Cat reader

The lessons are meant to be relatively short and can be done in one sitting or broken up throughout the day... whichever works best for your family.  They are great because they are multisensorial and keep the kids interested. We have been doing sight words this year, so K4 has a pretty long list at this point that they can read... (have memorized).... but... this is such a natural way to learn to read that it does have a semi- magical outcome... where blending sounds and reading become fun and effortless.
The Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit includes the same items as the Basic Reading Interactive Kit:
1. Letter Tiles
2. Magnets for the Letter Tiles
3. The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM
4. Reading Divider Cards

and three additional items:
1. Reading Review Box
2. Reading Tote Bag
3. Star Stickers

The only slightly less than positive thing I found about this product is that the initial set up can be somewhat timely... with the punching and magnatizing all the letter tiles... HOWEVER- there is minimal prep time needed for the 49 lessons... so it's totally worth it. 

*As a member of the TOS Crew review program I was given a free copy of this product to review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. To see what other members of the Crew thought click below:

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